Best Beginner Remote Control Airplane

You have flying time on the simulator and now you’re ready to build the best beginner remote control airplane. There are several reasons 4BrotherRC prefers beginners build rather than buy their first RC airplane.

First, you can get started at a lower cost. Second, you will learn valuable knowledge while building your RC airplane. Finally, if you crash your plane, you can repair or rebuild with a simple swap of electronics.

The best beginner remote control airplane we’ve found is the FT Mini Scout.

Best Beginner Remote Control Airplane

FT stands for FliteTest, a leader in the DIY RC Airplane hobby. We have built a variety of FliteTest’s planes and found that the Mini Scout is an easy to build and easy to fly plane that is great for beginners.

There are two options to build this plane.

  1. Purchase all the materials from FliteTest
  2. DIY scratch build. 

Purchasing an RC Airplane Speedbuild Kit

If you choose to purchase materials from FliteTest for this plane you need

Scratch Building the Best Beginner Remote Control Airplane

If you choose to scratch build your plane you will need

Scratch building is the cheaper option, but may not be as fast. While the savings isn’t huge at only around $10, you will end up with extra control horns, push rods, and fire walls to use on future builds. 

To scratch build the Mini Scout, you first need to print the plans. You will want to print these plans in color. Next, you will assemble the 8 ½’’ x 11’’ sheets of paper plans by cutting edges and taping them together as shown below.

Next, you will tape the printed plans to foam board purchased at Dollar Tree. We recommend you watch FliteTest’s video, before beginning to cut out your plane. The video will walk you through the entire building process.

Sourcing your own PowerPack A

FliteTest has a line of electronics specifically made for each of their RC airplanes. For the Mini Scout, FliteTest recommends their PowerPack A also linked above if you purchase everything from FliteTest.

Instead of a purchasing a PowerPack, 4BrothersRC recommends sourcing each item. This will give you versatility along with not having items from the PowerPack that aren’t needed for this build. The following list includes the electronics you’ll need for your Mini Scout RC airplane.

Final Electronics to Complete the Best Beginner Remote Control Airplane

While this plane has landing gear, 4BrotherRC recommends skipping that feature if you’re building this as a beginner. The plane will be easier to land and more durable.

The last step to finishing your plane is to install electronics, as shown in the earlier video. Now get out there and fly!

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