Airplane Flight Simulator for RC Pilot Training

Learn what RC Airplane Flight simulator we recommend and how to set it up. You’ll be an RC airplane pilot before you know it!

4BrothersRC recommends you start your hobby by building up hours of flying time on a simulator. You don’t want to build or buy your first plane only to crash it. Your hobby will end before it even started.

RealFlight RC Airplane Flight Simulator

We recommend starting with the RC Airplane RealFlight Simulator. This simulator has the most realistic physics and over 175 aircraft to choose from with a variety of flying sites. You can purchase the simulator with the InterLink DX remote for $200 or without the Interlink DX remote for $100.

If you choose to buy this RC Airplane flight simulator with the Interlink DX you need to also purchase a powered USB cable. We had to sift through tons of Forums to figure out why our remote wouldn’t connect to our computer. Finally, we purchased a powered USB cable and it immediately solved the problem. The Interlink DX remote cannot connect to planes you’ll soon want to take the flying field.

Selecting a Simulator Remote

Purchasing the RC Airplane RealFlight Simulator with a RadioMaster remote is a better option. RadioMaster has a wide variety of remotes to choose from. Our favorites are the TX16s, Boxer, and Zorro all with the 4in1 multi protocol. These remotes connect to the computer through a USBC cable when using them for the simulator. They also have the ability to connect to most planes you build or buy. This makes the remote versatile and allows it to grow with you. At 4BrothersRC we currently use RadioMaster remotes. We love them, because of their high quality features, affordable price, and open source operating system.

Once you have the RC Airplane RealFlight Simulator and the remote of your choice, simply follow the activation and download instructions. Next you will set up a simulator profile and calibrate the remote in RealFlight.

How to Set up an RC Airplane Flight Simulator Profile in EdgeTX

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